Client Stories  

Shane Donohoe

Soul Family 

Hi, my name is Shane Donohoe from And I just wanted to say a few words about my experiences working with Jo-Anne Mac Millan on-boarding my website onto the Kajabi platform. So Jo-Anne has been absolutely amazing, with the patience of a saint, and so knowledgeable about the platform about my work as well because we have similar backgrounds, which was a real bonus for me uh to get her insights even on the copy and so on.

Absolutely a genius at the platform. Not only was it adapting to my pace of things and, getting the groundwork laid down, you know, at a pace that suited me, but it was just when it came to the actual live part as well. She was there for background support. She was there for any glitches which are just inevitable with any technology. And even the aftercare beyond that again was, was above and beyond.

She's an amazing person, an amazing teacher, and amazing at the work that she does. It's been an absolute blessing for me. It just took so much pressure off me and, and the overwhelming times I was feeling during the process to know that she was there to answer any questions and to take handhold me through the whole process.

So Jo-Anne, thanks a million. You're an absolute star. I definitely couldn't have done this without you. I probably still be working on it if I had to do it by myself. Just the patience, the knowledge, the caring. I mean, as I said, she cares as much about my business as I do and it really comes through in everything that she does. So if you're thinking about taking on Jo-Anne's services for onboarding as a small business on the Kajabi, I can't recommend her enough.

So give her a call and if anyone wants to reach out and get in touch with me, feel free, you'll see details on my website 

Tina O'Dwyer

The Tourism Space

I describe Jo-Anne as a ‘rare find’. 

In one person, I have found a coach and mentor who provides amazing support in a whole range of areas essential to me and my business: entrepreneurship, business strategy, digital curation and, of course, professional and personal development.     

I worked with Jo-Anne during 2020 – a challenging time but also an opportunity for me to re-examine my business and my role and performance within it.  Over a series of ½ day sessions, some in person and some on Zoom, we worked through vision, strategy and course development ideas.  We then brought it further and ‘translated’ my ideas and knowledge into online supports with wonderful automations, that not only serve my clients better but also serve me much better!    

As an entrepreneur, you have to be many things.  It’s wonderful to work with somebody who knows that at first hand and also has a diverse and rounded skill-set to meet you just where you’re at. I consider myself very fortunate to have met Jo-Anne and look forward to working with her more in the future.


Joanne Pasternak

Joanne Pasternak Holistic Therapies

I was recently in the market for a new website to represent my holistic business plus a new home for my online community. I had heard that Kajabi had a lot to offer and decided to try it out. I quickly realised that some of the tech was above my ability and knew I needed help with it. 

I found Jo-Anne MacMillan through a Google search and am so delighted that I did! I loved her own website and saw that she was working in the area of sound healing, which is one of the services I offer. We arranged a call and it's safe to say that we 'clicked' immediately. 

When I collaborate with somebody on a project, it is so important to me that they understand what I do and 'get' the vision. Jo-Anne was all that and more. She is so heart-centred, friendly, extremely professional and good at her job. We encountered a few challenges along the way (that's putting it mildly) and she helped me navigate them with patience and encouragement. 

I now have a website I am so proud to call mine and a new home for my growing spiritual community. Jo-Anne completely understood what I wanted to achieve and brought it to fruition. The end result is so much better than what I imagined.

I would highly recommend Jo-Anne for anyone who is looking for a website that truly reflects them and their mission.

Thank you Jo-Anne!

Ross Good

The Stented Papa and Good Dad Coach

Where can I begin to describe how incredible the Superpreneur mastermind program is? It has completely changed my life as well as the path of my business. The group was small, but it had a lot of power! Despite the fact that we all had different businesses/backgrounds and aspirations for ourselves, it quickly became evident that we all had the same challenges, hangups, and blocks as each other. Our friendship with one other and with Jo-Anne, our awesome group leader, evolved so quickly. Jo-Anne's cheerfulness is contagious. Her desire to assist entrepreneurs flows down the mountain like a stream. It is never-ending and will always find its path to help others. Her expertise is unrivalled, but it's the way Jo-Anne combines all of these incredible traits - and so many more - into one programme that has blown my mind. I knew I had to work with Jo-Anne after our first zoom call. My intuition was spot on, and I'm delighted to confirm that we're still working together in a follow-up group to this day. This new group btw - comprises not just my Superpreneur Mastermind members - but also individuals from past Suprepreneur cohorts. That, in my opinion, says it all you need to know about Jo-Anne as a person and why so many of us continue to work with her. She's just amazing. I'm on a personal and professional journey, and I feel Jo-Anne entered my life at the right moment for a reason. Since then, doors have opened for me, and I've met some incredible individuals as a result. Our group has become friends and are like a family, as cliched as that sounds. The group dynamics are incredible. Being a SoloPreneur may be a lonely road, but I am fortunate to be a member of a network of like-minded business people that help and support one another as much as possible. For me, Jo-Anne has made this possible. This programme takes you on an incredible journey of self-discovery. I've learned to distinguish between my Superchargers and my Kryptonite, as well as my Time-Benders and Time-Suckers. Some would even say I've learned how to bend space and time, but that's only a tiny portion of what the Superpreneurs Mastermind course has done for me. If you're on the fence about signing up for Jo-Anne's next group - believe me, stop wasting your time - pull the trigger and commit to it. It will be one of the most beneficial decisions you will ever make.


Paddy Moran

Neuro Coach

I highly recommend this programme to entrepreneurs and people who may be thinking about making the move to starting their own business. The programme content is excellent and delivered at a perfect pace. Jo - Anne has a great ability to help you dig deeper so you gain more clarity around yourself, your future, your business and your customers. If you want to move forward as a person and want to enjoy your business and enjoy being an entrepreneur, doing this programme is for you. The journey and support doesn't stop after 12 weeks, as there is a community of like minded Superpreneurs who are there to support and help each other on their entrepreneurial journey. Thank you Jo -Anne.


Lucia Guerin 

Voice and Sound Coach, Yoga Teacher

It is my pleasure to recommend Jo-Anne and her Superpreneur program. The program itself was really well organised and well structured and Jo-Anne's gentle yet encouraging and insightful leadership has really helped me see so much more clearly what I wish to offer and has given me lots of really great tools to help keep me on the road to success. Jo-Anne clearly has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in entrepreneurship and I really appreciated the other aspects of her knowledge too... her intuition, her genuine positivity , her fun and mostly her belief in me. I am delighted to be continuing to work with Jo-Anne as I continue to work on my business.


Niamh Bohane

Creative Writing Facilitator - Founder of Lifenotes

When I started on the Superpreneur path with Jo-Anne, I had a vague idea that I wanted to work for myself and little else. Through the twelve-week journey, which flew by, I learned where and how to focus my energies, as well as engaging in lots of exploration around why. Jo-Anne’s program is deep and wide, encouraging reflection and hard work in equal measure. It spans a range of topics from self-development exercises like investigating money mindset blocks to practical tools for branding and social media skills. But most precious of all was the time I got to spend in the company of Jo-Anne and the community of Superpreneurs. As well as learning from others’ experience and insights, I got to connect weekly with the joy and enthusiasm that Jo-Anne brings to every encounter. She is always positive and encouraging and as a professional is constantly learning and innovating to bring the best and most useful guidance to the Superpreneurs under her care. And there is a real sense of care and support in this community, led by Jo-Anne and her commitment to maximising the potential of every entrepreneur and business. I can’t recommend the Superpreneur course highly enough. Six months on, I have started a business that feels right for me and I’m looking to the future with ongoing support from the Superpreneur community. 


Syra Reid 

Flowercraft by Syra

I had the pleasure working with Jo -Anne and her amazing 12 week superpreneur mastermind workshop. I highly recommend Jo-Anne her ability to communicate with warmth & honesty and maintaining a very professional persona. Jo-Anne always has a smile on her face & ready to help and share her knowledge where she can or guide you in the right direction Jo-Anne’s energy, enthusiasm & passion for what she does motivates and inspires everyone that she works with.


Michelle O'Connor

O'Connor Executive Search

Jo-Anne helped me transition my business from WordPress onto Kajabi over a couple of days. It was so easy and stress free I wish I’d done is much sooner.

We co-created new products and services that enabled my business to reach a whole new level of financial success. The investment in working with her helped me reach my goals faster than trying to do it in my own.

Thank you Jo-Anne for helping me achieve my dreams of an abundant successful business & life. 

Juanita Griffin

Little Spoons of Happiness 

First time I met Jo-Anne was at one of her Superpreneur Workshop weekends. I was instantly drawn to her confident yet very gentle manner. I found it really easy to talk to Jo-Anne from the very beginning, she had the presents of an old friend even though we had only just met.

I had originally reached out to Jo-Anne for my own personal development, I remember commenting on how I wished I could be as confident as herself especially when it came to public speaking. 

Fast forward 12 months of working with Jo-Anne I am now making YouTube videos for my very own channel along with running live workshops teaching my lifelong passion that I never ever thought I would pursue.

I have a new sense of freedom and confidence to just go for it! I have only Jo-Anne to thank for pushing me outside my comfort zone and teaching me that anything is possible.

She has made me realise it all comes down to making that decision to follow your passion and dreams because when you are on your right path in life everything will fall into place.

Personal development, business training, along with deep soul searching, working with Jo-Anne has taught me that yes I can move bloody mountains!!