This is an invitation for therapists, coaches, practitioners, teachers or experts who want to create a signature program or online community for their practice. 

Specifically for individuals who:

  1. Feel like the way they currently “work” needs to change.
  2. Currently, work with clients 1:1 in-person and want to move their work online
  3. Are experienced in a specific area and want to create an online program
  4. Want to move from 1:1 to doing more group work online  
  5. Have a burning desire to change their career and do something more fulfilling and on “purpose” 

This is a 1:1 Coaching Program

This 12-session program is for those who dream of creating a new way of bringing their message and healing work to the world and making an impact. It is for someone who feels called to serve others in a more significant way and feels like they have a bigger purpose. 

But they don’t know where to start and feel a bit lost as to what to focus on first and whether their dream will ever be possible because the whole notion of creating or building online courses seems daunting and frankly “tech feels scary”. 

They might have a couple of social media accounts and start sharing messages, quotes and memes in the hope that someone would recognise that they have something to share. This seems difficult and they’re not getting the responses they hope for, so they feel “all this online stuff is just too hard” and they give up or move on to the next thing that they are passionate about, or someone said, “you should focus on this group of people”. 

The trial and error approach leaves them exhausted and lacking self-belief, feeling confused and as if they swimming against the tide. 

They often feel isolated and alone and do not have the support of family or a spouse to support their “crazy idea” or leave a job that “pays the bills” to pursue something that “might not work”. This often leaves them afraid to share their big dream, because they are afraid of being judged or what people might think or say about them, so they stay stuck where they are - dreaming about change. 

  •  What they need is someone who gets them and their big dreams. Somewhere they feel safe to talk and dream and create and held accountable to take action. 
  •  They need a strong connection and anchor in their own story and message. Their uniqueness and how this serves them in serving others. 
  •  They need clarity on who to share their offering. 
  •  They also need guidelines on the steps to follow to fulfil their dream or vision.
  •  They need structure and guidance in how to package and deliver their offering, to fulfil their unique purpose. 

This program is designed to give you the tools, know-how and confidence to create and launch your signature program with ease. 

By the end of the 12 sessions, you will have clarity on

  •  who you are offering to your clients and your own transformational success story 
  •  your superpower and techniques to bring your techniques to your ideal clients.
  •  what you want to create and share with the world, but  
  •  who exactly do you want to share it with and 
  •  how to create dream transformations for your ideal clients?  
  • your signature program (or certification program) and how to put it in front of the right people, who will say yes.  

Journey of Transformation 

When you are ready to transform your private practice get in touch! 

The Coaching Calls will be online via Zoom every week at a pre-arranged time for 60-90 minutes. 

The Investment in this 12-Session Program and having clarity on your new program/workshop/training as well as a Map to guide you through the process is only €1111 or 3 payments of €444

By the end of the 12 sessions, you will feel empowered and have the clarity, guidance and support to create and launch your signature program. And there are plenty of ways to continue our working or support journey - should you need or want to. 

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Transformation Stories 

It is my pleasure to recommend Jo-Anne and her Superpreneur program. The program itself was really well organised and well structured and Jo-Anne's gentle yet encouraging and insightful leadership has really helped me see so much more clearly what I wish to offer and has given me lots of really great tools to help keep me on the road to success. Jo-Anne clearly has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in entrepreneurship and I really appreciated the other aspects of her knowledge too... her intuition, her genuine positivity, her fun and mostly her belief in me. I am delighted to be continuing to work with Jo-Anne as I continue to work on my business. - Lucia Guerin

I highly recommend this programme to entrepreneurs and people who may be thinking about making the move to starting their own business. The programme content is excellent and delivered at a perfect pace. Jo - Anne has a great ability to help you dig deeper so you gain more clarity around yourself, your future, your business and your customers. If you want to move forward as a person and want to enjoy your business and enjoy being an entrepreneur, doing this programme is for you. The journey and support don't stop after 12 weeks, as there is a community of like-minded Superpreneurs who are there to support and help each other on their entrepreneurial journey. Thank you, Jo -Anne. - Paddy Moran

Where can I begin to describe how incredible the Superpreneur coaching program is? It has completely changed my life as well as the path of my business. The group was small, but it had a lot of power! Despite the fact that we all had different businesses/backgrounds and aspirations for ourselves, it quickly became evident that we all had the same challenges, hangups, and blocks as each other. Our friendship with one other and with Jo-Anne, our awesome group leader, evolved so quickly. Jo-Anne's cheerfulness is contagious. Her desire to assist entrepreneurs flows down the mountain like a stream. It is never-ending and will always find its path to help others. Her expertise is unrivalled, but it's the way Jo-Anne combines all of these incredible traits - and so many more - into one programme that has blown my mind. I knew I had to work with Jo-Anne after our first zoom call. My intuition was spot on, and I'm delighted to confirm that we're still working together in a follow-up group to this day. This new group btw - comprises not just my Superpreneur Mastermind members - but also individuals from past Suprepreneur cohorts. That, in my opinion, says it all you need to know about Jo-Anne as a person and why so many of us continue to work with her. She's just amazing. I'm on a personal and professional journey, and I feel Jo-Anne entered my life at the right moment for a reason. Since then, doors have opened for me, and I've met some incredible individuals as a result. Our group has become friends and is like a family, as cliched as that sounds. The group dynamics are incredible. Being a SoloPreneur may be a lonely road, but I am fortunate to be a member of a network of like-minded business people that help and support one another as much as possible. For me, Jo-Anne has made this possible. This programme takes you on an incredible journey of self-discovery. I've learned to distinguish between my Superchargers and my Kryptonite, as well as my Time-Benders and Time-Suckers. Some would even say I've learned how to bend space and time, but that's only a tiny portion of what the Superpreneurs Mastermind course has done for me. If you're on the fence about signing up for Jo-Anne's next group - believe me, stop wasting your time - pull the trigger and commit to it. It will be one of the most beneficial decisions you will ever make. - Ross Good

When I started on the Superpreneur path with Jo-Anne, I had a vague idea that I wanted to work for myself and little else. Through the twelve-week journey, which flew by, I learned where and how to focus my energies, as well as engaging in lots of exploration around why. Jo-Anne’s program is deep and wide, encouraging reflection and hard work in equal measure. It spans a range of topics from self-development exercises like investigating money mindset blocks to practical tools for branding and social media skills. But most precious of all was the time I got to spend in the company of Jo-Anne and the community of Superpreneurs. As well as learning from others’ experience and insights, I got to connect weekly with the joy and enthusiasm that Jo-Anne brings to every encounter. She is always positive and encouraging and as a professional is constantly learning and innovating to bring the best and most useful guide to the Superpreneurs under her care. And there is a real sense of care and support in this community, led by Jo-Anne and her commitment to maximising the potential of every entrepreneur and business. I can’t recommend the Superpreneur course highly enough. Six months on, I have started a business that feels right for me and I’m looking to the future with ongoing support from the Superpreneur community. - Niamh Bohane