Conquer imposter syndrome, overthinking and negative or limiting beliefs to make a lasting change in your business.

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FREE 5 day challenge reveals how heart-centered entrepreneurs can get out of their own way and thrive in business by tackling the 5 most common mindset blocks that hold entrepreneurs back.


 Learn 5 Business Mindset Principles, Over 5 Days, From A Business Coach and Transpersonal Therapist


Are you... 

  • Feeling stretched, anxious or overwhelmed with your workload or life in general?
  • Drained or bored by your daily tasks, with a lot of them feeling like chores?
  • Holding on to limiting beliefs - both personal and work related- that are stopping you from showing up being the person you want to be?
  • Lacking confidence, self belief and neglecting self care?
  • Lacking a framework to keep your mindset on track in your life and business?

This 5 Day Challenge is for you if you want...


  • To put some time aside (5+hrs) to focus purely on developing yourself and your business. (You owe it to yourself.)
  • Learn industry leading techniques that Psychotherapists use to deal with overthinking, mental blocks, self-limiting beliefs, impostor syndrome and other mindset issues.
  • Start speaking with confidence when talking about your business, or to other business owners.
  • Learn simple but effective self care techniques to minimize slumps and procrastination.
  • Remove self limiting beliefs around money and earnings.
  • To be part of a supportive community, full of people with a growth mindset and unique business knowledge. 

Join me for a 5-Day Mindset Challenge! ⬇️

Growing you and expanding your mindset are the most valuable assets in your business or for you to make the leap into having your own business! 

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What you will learn


Day 1: Overwhelm & Stress Management -  We’re going to dive into some simple but super effective techniques. Teaching you how to cope with, manage and regulate your weekly mood levels, which is paramount to success in business.

Day 2: Your Biggest Drainers - We will identify what your biggest time and energy drainers are. Then, using my eliminate/automate/delegate method, identify the core tasks that keep your business moving forward, so you know where to focus your energy.

Day 3: Imposter Syndrome - no matter how much evidence there is that we're successful at what we do, many of us hold false beliefs that we're not good enough, and self doubt creeps in. 

Day 4: Self Care - We're all guilty of neglecting self care from time to time. But the reality is, it results in negative self beliefs which manifest as imposter syndrome. On this day I'll be giving you some MEDS to ta make self care your favourite part of the week.

✅ Day 5: Money/Abundance Mindset - Money!! Sensitive topic!! On the last day of the week we’re going to be breaking down all your false and limiting beliefs about money, and equipping you with ideas, techniques and tracking methods that facilitate abundance. 


🌟 Private Facebook Group - A safe place, and positive environment filled with growth minded people to encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and make a positive change. 

🌟  Daily Q&Q Calls - I will be getting on a Q&A Call personally each evening of the challenge to answer all your questions and celebrate your daily wins! 

🌟 Actionable tools every day - Industry-level mindset exercises and action items.

Hi there! Jo-Anne here...

I've been in private practice as a Therapist for more than a decade, and I certainly have encountered most of the pitfalls and mindset challenges that come with having your own business. 

Can I ask You?

  1. Do you ever feel like you don't have the time to create a successful business?
  2. Do you feel like you will fail even before you started? 
  3. Do you have thoughts of not being good enough or successful enough? or wonder "who would listen to me?"
  4. Do you think that having your own business is too hard and you will get overwhelmed?
  5. Do you think you need more qualifications to be able to start a business and the that you do not know enough?

What if I were to tell you that I have had all those thoughts plus some! But have committed to working through my fears and barriers and overcome these limiting beliefs. In this free training, I want to share with you ways to discover these underlying limiting beliefs, but also ways how you can transmute them into thriving beliefs. 

I would love for you to join me, and co-create a thriving life and business that you love, by getting out of your own way!