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Does this sound familiar?

Your website is on WordPress,

you’re managing email in MailChimp or Active Campaign and

you’re thinking of selling online courses and memberships and do not know where to start.

Your head starts to hurt even just thinking about how to tie everything together and make it all work, so you push it to the back burner for another year. 


Kajabi is an ALL-IN-ONE platform for course creators that allows you to manage everything under one roof. It is one of the leading Knowledge Commerce or Creators platforms on the market, used by incredibly successful online educators such as Brendon Burchard, Amy Porterfield and Denise Duffield-Thomas who are hugely successful by selling their online courses on Kajabi.


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“What Kind of Courses Can I Sell on Kajabi?”

There are multiple ways of using Kajabi to sell your expertise and knowledge online. Here are some examples, starting with the basics and moving along to the more lucrative options:

Online Courses:

In your online course, you’re going to teach the basics on your topic of expertise. If I created an online course about using Kajabi, I would teach the basics of setting up an account, creating course architecture, uploading course content and so on. If I wanted to take you, the student, to the next level, however, I might create a One to One Coaching Programme.

One-to-One Coaching:

One-to-one coaching is a very lucrative way of taking your customers to the next level of learning, where they combine access to education with direct access to you. You can use Kajabi to sell this sort of service, with a combination of live coaching calls and evergreen content that your customers will access via their log-in on your website. You can also offer workshops and retreats as part of a one-to-one service.

Group Coaching or Masterminds:

The next level of support that you can offer your students or coachees is Group Coaching or a Mastermind. These programmes teach specific topics, usually over a number of weeks or months, with pre-recorded content, a weekly Zoom or Facebook live and an online group specifically for the group. Pre-recorded content can be either dripped out week by week or made available all at once.

Mastermind-based coaching programmes are more interactive and usually give each member the possibility of asking specific questions and getting feedback from the coach and the other participants in the group. These can happen weekly, monthly or quarterly, depending on what makes the most sense for the group.

These coaching programmes and Masterminds can be extremely profitable as well as provide an amazing transformation for your clients or students.

Private Communities or Memberships:

Kajabi includes its own private community integrated directly into your own platform. So you can say adios to your private Facebook Group, Circle, Heartbeat etc. You can house your private community or membership directly on your Kajabi site. You can include challenges, host live calls right within the private group and support your members with additional engagement. This is a great feature when you have an active group or members within your niche. You can have a paid membership to your community group or it can be an added bonus to your coaching or online courses.

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Kajabi Gives You All The Tools You Need To Move Your Business Online

Working on Kajabi, the world-class platform I use to create your online business, I can offer you the following:

✅ Your own customised Website.

✅ A state of the art email system.

✅ Your own blog, to write articles about your services.

✅ Integrated payment system - so that clients can pay for their sessions or bookings on your website.

✅ Ever wanted to start your own podcast? Let's do it!

✅ Online Programs that take your clients through a step-by-step process with your expert guidance.

✅ What about membership? Would you like to create supportive tools, host live meetings weekly or monthly. Create a supportive community for your clients on a topic that you are passionate about. 

✅ Integrate your online booking system with your website and payments. 

✅ A customised branding package tailored to your unique energy and service (if needed) and full setup of your website. 

coach and facilitate your clients online

Tina O'Dwyer

I describe Jo-Anne as a ‘rare find’. 

In one person, I have found a coach and mentor who provides amazing support in a whole range of areas essential to me and my business: entrepreneurship, business strategy, digital curation and, of course, professional and personal development.   

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Juanita Griffin

I have only Jo-Anne to thank for pushing me outside my comfort zone and teaching me that anything is possible. She has made me realise it all comes down to making that decision to follow your passion and dreams because when you are on your right path in life everything will fall into place. Personal development, online business training, along with deep soul searching, working with Jo-Anne has taught me that yes I can move bloody mountains!

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Michelle O'Connor

Jo-Anne helped me transition my business from WordPress onto Kajabi over a couple of days. It was so easy and stress-free I wish I’d done it much sooner. We co-created new products and services that enabled my business to reach a whole new level of financial success. The investment in working with her helped me reach my goals faster than trying to do it on my own.

Thank you Jo-Anne for helping me achieve my dreams of an abundant successful business & life. 

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